10 yards 7/8"  Fire Truck Grosgrain Ribbon - CLEARANCE
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You will receive 10 yards of this 7/8" ribbon. Finally something cute for a boy!  Perfect for burp clothes, binky holders, or anything else you might dream up!  Who says fire trucks have to be red?  This very cute fire truck is orange.

This Ribbon is copyrighted by Wholesale Flowers Ribbons and Buttons.  It may not be duplicated in any way or re-produced in any fashion.  You may not make subtle changes and re-produce.  This is NOT a computer generated image and it was hand drawn and created by an artist.  You may use the ribbon to create your own craft project and you may re-sell your creation with our ribbon.

  • Item #: 7/8" Fire Truck Ribbon

10 yards 7/8" Fire Truck Grosgrain Ribbon - CLEARANCE

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